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WILLINGTON — Tim Heim, head of the CT Coalition Against Crumbling Basements, is calling for a federal investigation into crumbling concrete.

In the coming weeks, Heim plans on filing a formal complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s office asking them to launch a federal investigation.

Hundreds of eastern Connecticut homeowners have filed complaints about crumbling foundations. The problem has been traced to a quarry that produced a concrete mix containing an iron sulfide mineral that has apparently reacted with oxygen and water. The reaction has led to severe cracks in foundations that are very expensive to repair.

Heim says the state knew about this 14 years ago, they failed to conduct an investigation, and he believes they could have put a stop to this at that time.

Heim said he is not satisfied with state investigation and report issued last week. 

On Wednesday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said he’ll propose a state-funded program to test houses in eastern Connecticut to get a better handle on how many homeowners are experiencing failing foundations.

Malloy that having a more accurate count could help the state in persuading the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide financial assistance to help fix what’s considered to be a naturally occurring event.

Malloy is expected to unveil his new two-year budget Feb. 8.

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