Healthier Connections: More help for people suffering from headaches

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WEST HARTFORD -- A new center is helping those who suffer from migraines, a problem that can severely effect a person's work and personal life.  In this Healthier Connection report, brought to you by Hartford Healthcare, we share important developments regarding care in the area.

Dr. Brian Grosberg, Medical Director of the Hartford Healthcare Headache Center, recently received the first ever "Migraine Research Foundation" impact award. The $250,000 grant will fund an important study.

It's being done in collaboration with one of the world’s leading headache researchers at Harvard Medical School, who over the next three years will be coming down to Connecticut to work with them at least 60 times. Not only will it have implications for individuals who suffer from migraines for more than 3 days, but the results should also have implications for people who treat headaches all over the world.

Each person and each migraine is different. So the goal of their comprehensive approach is to tailor individualized treatment to each patient.

About 50-60 percent of headache sufferers that come through the clinic will have problems with insomnia. That's where Dr. Brooke Pelligrino comes in. She's a clinical health psychologist, who provides non-medication treatment for headaches, by helping patients make lifestyle adjustments.

"For example depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance would probably be the main three we see most commonly that come along with migraine," she said.

Her role at the center is unique. It's an example of the innovative work being done at the center, changing the landscape for headache sufferers in Connecticut and beyond.

Click here if you are interested in participating in a study.