School half days causing controversy in Suffield

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SUFFIELD -- A petition online  is calling for the Suffield board of education to stop weekly early release at Suffield schools.

About 100 parents have signed the petition so far.

Jeanne Gee, who's the chair of the board of education for Suffield schools said they've been talking about letting students of school early one day a week.

"Over the last year or so, we`ve been meeting with teachers. And our administrators have been working with teachers around what are the blocks to progress in terms of all the new initiatives that have been on top of education over the last several years," Gee said.

She said ending classes an hour early one day a week would be very helpful to teachers, who would use the time for professional learning communities.

"Once those times get going, there`s really limited time for them in school days. So in their PLCs, there would be an agenda. And there would be problems of practice that they bring to the table where they share assessments, they share lesson planning, they share deep dives into the curricular work that happens inside their classroom," Gee said.