Dog keeps owner alive and calls for help after man slips in frigid temps

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PETISKEY, MI — After her owner slipped and fell in the snow, Kelsey came to her owners side, keeping him alive for nearly a full day before help arrived.

It was New Year’s Eve when Bob walked out of his house in Emmet County, Michigan to get another log for his fire. That’s when he slipped and fell, injuring his neck. He laid in the snow in temperatures as low as 24 degrees for about 20 hours.

His saving grace was his dog Kelsey.

“Kelsey was licking him and barking at him and pawing at him,” said Bob’s daughter Jenny. “I can see marks on his arm from her pawing at him.”

Kelsey stuck with Bob the whole 20 hours, keeping him warm.

“The last thing he remembers saying is telling Kelsey that he was so sorry, that he tried as hard as he could to stay alive,” Jenny said. “He wasn’t sure by the end, he remembers losing consciousness and kind of putting his head to the side and saying ‘ I gave it all I could give it’ and that was it. We think about one hour later is when Rick came and found him.”

Bob’s neighbor Rick came over to borrow some eggs when he found Bob passed out, with his dog Kelsey by his side. Bob was brought to the hospital and immediately prepped for neurosurgery. Dr. Chaim Colen was in charge.

“I don’t think he would be living unless the dog were there,” Dr. Colen said. “The dog kept him warm. The dog kept his extremities warm. He didn’t have any frostbite and it was twenty four degrees that night.”

After a successful surgery, Bob and his best friend Kelsey were reunited.

“He was right out of surgery and she licked his face and they were crying and it was beautiful,” Jenny said. “It was everything that you would think the reunion would be.”