Foodie Friday – 457 Mason Jar

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BRISTOL -- Southern hospitality right in Bristol.

From pulled pork with tomato based slaw to Carolina hush puppies to a French toast breakfast fit for a King (named after Elvis Presley's love for peanut butter, bananas and bacon), 457 Mason Jar serves up a menu filled with flavors from the south.

"We do collard greens, fried okra and grilled catfish," said owner Mike Clawson. "We do biscuits and gravy and grits in the mornings, we have so many flavors from the south.

The North Carolina native is in his sixth year of serving up favorites from his past while staying true to his roots, where food and family come together in this cozy hide-away along North Main Street.

"Growing up in the south you always were at one of your grandmothers' house, if not both," said Clawson. "It was just a meeting place where you had a table full of food and plenty of dessert."

It is that dessert that spurred his love for the kitchen as a child as it's another way he infuses his background into the menu.

"We have my grandma's 'naner puddin' on the menu," Clawson said in distinct southern accent.

While 'naner puddin' (or banana pudding in my accent) is made the way his grandmother did back in the day, it's Clawson's carrot cake with pineapple and topped with coconut that has the locals coming back for more.

"Everybody has to have their signature, so that became my signature dessert and it's one that I never run out of," Clawson said while laughing. "I think I will be stoned if I ever ran out of it."

Good food and good company is what 457 Mason Jar is all about.

"We try our best to make everybody feel at home, but it's all about the food and southern hospitality."

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