Man charged with stabbing 2 coworkers in Windsor Locks warehouse

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Hasudin Siljkovic

WINDSOR LOCKS — Two warehouse coworkers were injured in a stabbing Tuesday night and police say they have the man responsible in custody.

Windsor Locks Police were called to C&S Wholesale Grocers at 500 North St. around 9:15 p.m. When officers arrived, they found one man being treated by another employee for a non-life threatening wound in his upper back.

Other employees were still at work in the million square-foot facility and directed officers to the suspect. Police said they found the suspect wielding a knife and he refused to drop it when police commanded him to do so.

Police said the suspect was acting erratically and started advancing on one officer who backed off and continued to yell at him to drop the knife. Police had to use a Tazer twice before the suspect was restrained. At that point, the suspect was still violent and resisted arrest, police said. Police also found another man who they said sustained a cut to his thumb as he was blocking the knife.

Police charged Hasudin Siljkovic, 27, with two counts of second degree assault. They said he remains uncooperative. A folding knife with a 3.5 inch blade was recovered at the scene.

Managers of the warehouse were cooperating with police in the investigation.