March in Hartford addresses concerns over reproductive healthcare      

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HARTFORD — Threatened by the anticipated repeal of Obamacare, their message was loud and clear at a Planned Parenthood march and rally in Hartford Thursday evening.

Participants were advocating to protect reproductive healthcare for women of all ages and demanding better access to doctors and pre-natal care.

“There is no question that if that care is not available, babies who are going to be born in this state and country are going to bear the ill effects of that,” said Michal Klau-Stevens, a maternity care advocate.

Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Price, Donald Trump’s pick to become the next health secretary, appeared Wednesday before the Senate Health committee. He said Congress should initially focus on recasting the marketplace for individual policies and on changing Medicaid, which provides coverage for low-income people.

Price said the first legislation should not change Medicare, which covers older Americans.

Price and other Republicans have proposed reworking Medicare into a program that would give subsidies to people to purchase their own medical care. Currently it covers a defined set of benefits.

Altering Medicare is one of the most politically sensitive parts of the GOP’s drive to change the nation’s health care system.