New London PD: Officers were punched and kicked responding to brawl, 8 arrested

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NEW LONDON — Eight people are facing criminal charges after New London Police responded to a fight on Broad Street where one person was reported to be armed with a knife.

On Monday, January 23, New London police arrived on the scene at 8:23 p.m. and found a group of people actively arguing and fighting.

Officers said they were punched, kicked, and spit on as they took eight people into custody.  No officers were injured during the incident, police said.

During booking at the New London Police station, officers said two people had suffered slash and stab wounds during the incident. One person was said to have a slash to his hand but he refused medical treatment.

Another person complained of back pain where police said he had suffered three stab wounds to his back and he was transported to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital for treatment. A woman also suffered a laceration to her head. Police said all injuries are non-life threatening.

Police arrested Allan Vargas, 21 of New London and Mia Brown,19 of Norwich. They are charged with assault in the second degree, carrying a dangerous weapon and breach of peace. In addition, Brown was also charged with interfering with police and assault on a police officer.

Police also arrested six New London residents and have charged them with the following:

  • Wanda Marty, 47, interfering with police.
  • Caroline Vargas, 20, breach of peace in the second degree.
  • Adrian Reyes, 30, breach of peace in the second degree.
  • Amariz Negron, 20, breach of peace in the second degree.
  • Shayla Negron, 21, breach of peace in the second degree.
  • Carlos Velazquez, 38,  breach of peace in the second degree.