Nor’Easter leaves car and home owners seeking repairs

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NEWINGTON -- It's not uncommon to have 40 cars on the lot during a typical Tuesday in the Winter but, at Turnpike Motors Autobody in Newington, they say they will have closer to 80.

That bump in business is in large part due to a nor'easter that brought over an inch of sleet and ice to the area.

"I was surprised when I woke up and there was an inch and a half of sleet piled up," said Doug Fernandez, Jr., the owner of Turnpike Motors Autobody. Fernandez said, "I kicked the sleet and it really didn't go anywhere and I thought, this is going to be a crazy day."

Dan Hovey, Turnpike Motors customer service manager said sleet poses a challenge to drivers, and had a full reception area by the front desk. "This type of precipitation is the worst kind of precipitation to drive in, people aren't used to accumulating sleet."  Hovey noted that he believed the storm probably provided two weeks of work for the body shop team.

In Lisbon, a giant tree snapped in two and half of it landed on a home on Kinsman Hill Road.

"I went to bed last night saying I hope the trees stay up, but at about 3:30 all I hear is BOOM! and I said what the heck was that?" said Tom Dugas of Lisbon.

A piece of the tree fell onto an outdoor shed, smashing it. The rest of the tree fell onto the house, shattering a skylight and causing an inner wall to buckle.

The estimated cost for repairs and clean up could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

"I`m glad it didn't come down through the house a little bit harder," said Dugas. "The house could have been a total write off but this is light damage compared to what could have happened."