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To avoid a ticket, clear cars of snow, ice before hitting the road

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HARTFORD — After a storm like the recent nor-easter, it can be challenging to clean up your car and driveway.

You may not be aware of it, but it is actually illegal to drive if there is any accumulated snow or ice on top of your car.

Connecticut State Police said that if your car is not cleared, obstructing your view while driving, you can get a fine of $92 or $120. It is $92 fine for snow or ice obstructing your view, $120 with snow or ice on the roof of a car. If a car has both, drivers can be fined both, $92 and $120.

The ice and snow must be off the top of your car and all the windows, the hood and the rear.

Also, before you start your car, make sure the area around your exhaust or tailpipe is clear.