Legislators seek ways to help undocumented students with state financial aid

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HARTFORD -- A new push is underway at the State Capitol to allow undocumented students access to financial aid.

At a rally held Thursday morning, advocates of the  plan gathered to ask lawmakers to support two bills that, if enacted, would make undocumented students eligible for institutional aid.

"All the students are asking for this year in this legislation is that they be able to take advantage of the financial aid, institutional, that they pay in to when they pay their tuition," said State Senator Beth Bye (D-West Hartford.)

In-state undocumented students currently pay tuition but are ineligible for financial aid from the colleges and universities they attend.

"The youth of undocumented immigrants are a part of this future we want to succeed in this country but the lack of financial aid is keeping us from succeeding," said Gabriel Valdiglesias, an undocumented student.

Republicans have made their intentions known that they will not support the bill. The students would still not be eligible for federal financial aid.

The bills are making their way through the legislature and a public hearing is expected.