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Dozens of protesters gather in New Haven to speak out against President Trump

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NEW HAVEN -- Over 100 protesters filled the steps of city hall Saturday afternoon to voice their opinions about the recent refugee and immigration policies of the Trump administration.

Several speakers commented on issues ranging from Muslim identity to the protection of LGBTQ rights.

"Democracy is not a passive undertaking," says Patricia Kane, a  protester and  an attorney. "It's not a spectator sport. You have to show up or it's gone."

Although the protesters were rightfully exercising their 1st amendment rights, some political experts feel there could have been more effective ways to get their points across.

"It's great that they went to City Hall, I mean City Hall can only do so much. But in reality, they have to reach out to the lawmakers. They have to go to their national leaders. They have to make it known that this is an issue and this is a problem," says New Haven Republicans Chairman Jonathan Wharton.

The protest was smooth at first, however Connecticut State Police and the New Haven Police Department were called to the route 34 connector inbound in New Haven.

Credit: State Police

Norman Clement Credit: State Police

They say about 100 protesters blocked that roadway.

That area was then cleared of protesters about an hour later.

One arrest has been made from the incident, Norman Clement, 66, of New Haven. Police said he was the leader of the protesters blocking the road.

Clement is being charged with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer, and reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian. He is schedule in court on February 13.


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