Stafford High School changes decision on graduation gown colors

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STAFFORD – After public outcry about a decision at Stafford High School, the administration is once again changing the color of its graduation gowns.

Principal Marco Pelliccia had proposed that all students wear the same color gowns in an effort to be more inclusive. Traditionally, boys have worn blue gowns and girls have worn white.

But after more than 20 students and parents vocalized their opposition to that plan during a Board of Education meeting on January 30, Pelliccia decided to consider the issue further.

Pelliccia met with students later that week, and the administration decided to give students a choice. 2017 graduates will now be allowed to select an all-white gown, an all-blue gown, or a third gown that incorporates both school colors.

By Monday night’s Board of Education meeting, the controversy had seemingly died down and attendance was much lower than the meeting the previous week.

Principal Pelliccia was out of town on a family emergency, but called into the meeting to explain his decision.

Over the phone he added, “I’d like to apologize to the community, the school community,for any discontent this entire process might have caused.”

Some in the audience said this discussion shouldn’t be over yet because this decision doesn’t do enough to be inclusive.

Pelliccia said he continues to be open to discussions on this topic if anyone would like to contact him directly.

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