Incoming snow means big business for groceries, snow blowers

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MANCHESTER -- There was a flurry of activity at local stores Wednesday as people prepared for the upcoming storm.

At W.H. Preuss Sons in Bolton, they welcome the change in weather. Snow is good for business. New snow blowers are selling at rates they haven’t seen since the fall.

“They’re asking if we have them and we’re setting them up, we’re delivering today,” said Owner Jim Preuss.

They’re also servicing snow blowers ahead of the storm. Some haven’t been turned on since last spring.

“Of course, with snow blowers you have to maintain them because they’re used infrequently," Preuss said. "So we’re working on all of them.”

“Basically it’s gasoline left in the unit since last spring. We have to clean the carburetors and get them running and change the oil,” he said.

Highland Park Market in Manchester had customers waiting to get in when they opened at 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. Many of them were stocking up on groceries so they didn’t have to shop during the snow.

“We trade off help so we have help coming in today verus tomorrow when it’s going to be dead in here,” said Molly Devanney, Vice President of Public Relations at Highland Park Market. “We try to get people to get their hours in and come in a day when it’s going to be crazy and then tomorrow they can enjoy the day at home.”

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