Hartford residents urged to help crews by following parking ban

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HARTFORD — The city of Hartford has issued a parking ban until 8 a.m. Monday.

Mayor Luke Bronin of Hartford said crews will be out clearing snow off the streets.

“When you get 15 to 17 inches it takes a little while to get it clear everywhere in the city,” Mayor Bronin said.  “We’ve got a lot of narrow streets in the city and a lot of streets where there’s no off street parking, so there are a lot of cars along the sides, and that’s why it’s so important that folks make sure to pay attention to the parking ban.”

Mayor Bronin added he wants people to make sure people are doing their part to help crews.

“Whether we’re talking about private contractors that are clearing private property, or just individuals, don’t plow or shovel your snow into the roads,” Bronin said. “It has been an issue where our plows go through and they clean it out and you’ve got some folks who plow the snow right back into the road.”

Some people out on the streets in Hartford said while they were able to drive okay, walking on the sidewalks was more of a challenge.

“As long as the business owners clean their sidewalks, but there’s a couple that don’t, and then you’re forced to climb over the snow bank and walk in the street and that’s a bit treacherous,” said John Robinson, who lives in Hartford.


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