Meriden police on the lookout for 5 men, car, after couple randomly attacked in grocery store

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MERIDEN — In what police are calling an “unprovoked assault,” officers are on the lookout for up to five men who randomly attacked a man and his wife while they were grocery shopping Sunday.

At around 3 p.m., police were called to the Stop & Shop on Broad Street in Meriden.

They said the 28-year-old man and his wife were walking into the grocery store when five men began to “verbally harass” them from a car. Police said the couple tried to ignore the men and go into the store, but the group of men followed them.

“It appears as though the victims tried to separate themselves from the suspects while walking to the store and they’re kind of chattering to one another like, ‘Just ignore them. Try to ignore them.’ But the suspects became so persistent and kind of so involved with these two victims it became at that point unavoidable and things escalated so quickly. They never really could have anticipated such a negative outcome,” said Sergeant Darrin McKay with Meriden police.

The men continued to harass the couple and then surrounded them, according to police. One of the suspects threatened to punch the woman and another suspect hit the husband from behind. Police said the victim was punched in the face, knocked unconscious, and had several teeth knocked out.

“The victims did not know any of the suspects and at this time the assault and the harassment certainly appears to have been unprovoked,” said McKay.

All five of the suspects are pictured in various surveillance photos, including the white Ford Fusion they were riding in. All of the suspects are believed to be in their late teens or 20s.


McKay made sure to mention they only have one side of the story right now, and until police can interview the five men, they won’t be able to fully investigate what happened.

If you have any information or can identify the suspects, police ask that you call Detective Mike Fonda at (203) 630-4178.