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On Valentine’s Day, the flower business comes in bunches

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MIDDLETOWN -- From tulips to the traditional red roses, flower shops across the state had their hands full on Valentine's Day.

At Wild Orchid on Court Street in Middletown, aromatic arrays of bouquets headed out the door as every hour passed.

"This is the Super Bowl of flowers," said Norb Heil, who makes deliveries for Wild Orchid. "This is as crazy as it gets, it's non-stop all day."

For Wild Orchid, it is their 26th annual Valentine's rush.

"It's the biggest single holiday of the year," said owner Ginny Wade-Fralick. Wade-Fralick prides herself on gathering exotic flowers from all corners of the world and also eases the mind of any guy who comes in not knowing what to pick out.

"We're here to help you pick out something beautiful," she said. "Just let us do our thing!"

Patty Kidd, who has worked at the upscale flower shop for three years said most men wait until the last minute to buy a bouquet but, not everyone.

"We had one gentleman who placed his order in mid-January," she said. "It was awesome!"