West Haven man charged with riding a scooter on drugs, injuring police officer directing traffic

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NEW HAVEN —  A West Haven man who was riding a scooter is facing criminal charges after injuring a New Haven Police officer in November.

On November 28, police say Detective Juan Ingles was directing traffic on Kimberly Avenue when he was hit by 70-year-old Thomas Greatsinger. Officers say Greatsinger failed to acknowledge work zone signs and a police car who had activated his warning lights ahead of the work zone.

Police say during their month-long investigation, a toxicology test found that Greatsinger was under the influence of marijuana or synthetic marijuana and cocaine. Officers say Greatsinger was also driving the scooter without a license, motorcycle endorsement and registration.

Officers say Ingles, who was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, suffered a fractured disc, three herniated discs in his spine and a concussion. Police say Ingle is still out of work due to injuries.

On February 9, police charged Greatsinger with second degree assault with a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, striking an officer with a motor vehicle, traveling unreasonably fast in a construction zone, operating a motorcycle without a motorcycle endorsement, and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.