Trumbull teens honored for compassion

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TRUMBULL -- Two Trumbull teenagers have been recognized as Connecticut's top youth volunteers.

Trumbull High School senior Isha Dalal is the founder of Connecticut Voices, a group of 60 students that advocate for programs that will increase literacy in elementary schools. The students efforts include lobbying in Hartford, which is working.

"The State Board of Education just passed a resolution to ensure that 20 percent of grants that are going to the state are used for early reading intervention," Dalal said.

Meanwhile, a Hillcrest Middle School eighth grader was recognized for creating an interactive group called "Words Can Soar," which is an anti-bullying initiative she founded because she too has been bullied.

"This girl in from California wrote to me on Instagram I think it was and she was like 'hey, this is what I'm going through, but you're really inspiring me to make a change about it,'" said Rachel Weintraub, whose outreach includes singing about bullying.

The honors earned them each $1,000. The 102 finalists are invited to Washington in May, when 10 of the students will be chosen for a national award, which earns them each $5,000 for the charity of their choice.