It’s a girl! Trooper helps deliver baby on Hartford highway

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HARTFORD -- A Connecticut State Police Trooper helped an expectant mom deliver her baby girl in a car while on the way to the hospital Thursday.

Trooper Charles Lavoie talked with a woman driving the car just before 1:30 a.m. after police got a 911 call that said a passenger in the car was in labor. Police said the car was stopped on Route 5/15 north, near exit 87 in Hartford.

Lavoie said the baby might have already been delivered at that point, so all he did was help with the medical process needed after a baby is born. He made sure the baby, Gelaih Murphy, was breathing, and warm and that the mom, Imani Crawford, was safe.

Trooper Charles Lavoie

Trooper Charles Lavoie

Lavoie said he's been trained through the academy, since it's part of the job description to be an emergency responder. But Lavoie made have had an edge, as he's also a father of two who just welcomed a new son into his family three weeks ago.

"It's awesome to do something good with this job," Lavoie said. "A lot of times we see a lot of negativity and bad things, bad scenes, hard things to deal with, so anytime we have a positive interaction with the public or positive experience like this... I'll never forget it."

Once their location was confirmed, an ambulance was able to pick them up and take the mother and baby to St. Francis Hospital. They are both doing fine.