Former Husky football player has success by staying in state

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STORRS -- The return of Randy Edsall as UConn football coach has brought back memories of former Huskies who have been successful thanks to the help of the head coach.

Dan Orlovsky, of course, with the Lions, Sean Mulcahy working on the UConn football games on SNY, and then there is former Husky running back, Andre Dixon.

Not only has the New Jersey native done well after UConn, he has stayed in the Nutmeg State to do it.

Andre has a football combine and clinic coming up this Sunday.


Andre Dixon Youth Football Combine and Skills Clinic

Grades 3 - 8

Sunday, Feb. 19th, 12-3pm

At Advanced Sportsplex, Middletown

To Register: Www.Advancedsportsplex.Com or call: 732-801-8887


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