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Hundreds gather in Danbury to recognize ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

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DANBURY -- Hundreds of members of the immigrant community came together in front of Danbury City Hall not in protest, but in promise.

It was part of a nation wide movement called, "A Day Without Immigrants"

As businesses temporarily closed their doors, members of the immigrant community were asked not to buy or sell anything online, even several children were asked not to attend school for the day.

"People are afraid to come out. And when people are afraid to come out they don't spend. They don't consume. And when people don't consume, what happens to the rest of the businesses? We suffer," says Rolando Castro, an organizer for the event.

Castro feels this event will show other community members what will happen if the immigrant community ceased to exist.

But he says this gathering shouldn't be confused with other immigration protests.

Castro supports President Trump's effort to rid the country of undocumented criminals. The gathering is a chance to let other immigrants know that nothing should be feared.

"The message we want to send to people here today is nobody is going to come out looking for you if you're not a criminal," says Castro.

But others have different sentiments.

"I don't believe that if you support the economy, you provide the economy, you should be labeled or removed from the country just because you're labeled as a criminal," says Sherlyn Ramos, a participant in the day's events.

Nevertheless, the gathering gained the full support of Danbury mayor Mark Boughton who said, "One of the great things about our constitution is that it affords everyone the right to be heard. Danbury is proud of our diverse and thriving community."

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