A mistake leaves three-year-old girl in a daycare all by herself

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WALLINGFORD--  It's a situation no parent wants to ever experience.

"I was just shocked, sad, just angry at who could have done that," said Bernadette Sorbo, mother of the three-year-old girl who was locked in a daycare.

Those are the emotions she was left with after her three-year-old daughter Aubrey, was left alone in a daycare with no one else in the building.

On February 14, Sorbo received a call from her ex-husband, Timothy McWade who was picking up Aubrey from the daycare at the Learning Community on Choate-Rosemary Hall's Campus.

He said the lights at the daycare were on, but no one was inside.

McWade knew Aubrey was inside because he could see her coat and lunchbox.

He quickly called the police.

"He called us to state that his child had been locked in the daycare center. It`s run by the YMCA. It`s over on Chote Property," said Lieutenant Cheryl Bradley of the Wallingford Police.

With police on their way, McWade got the code to the building from his ex-wife and found Aubrey alone in the bathroom.

Investigators conducted an investigation and found no criminal intent which means no charges will be filed.

"'It was an oversight and as a result, their procedure has been tightened and I believe there were a few terminations in the process. But the child was okay," said Lieutenant Bradley.

Friday night, the YMCA held a parent's meeting explaining to concerned parents about a new action plan that will ensure a situation like this will never happen again.