Drivers learn how to be winter road warriors at Lime Rock Park

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LAKEVILLE -- This respite from the winter weather shouldn't give people the wrong idea -- and that was the message instructors were driving home at Lime Rock Park.

President's Day welcomed 20 students to partake in Snow and Ice Driving clinics on Lime Rock's autocross area where the road rules are focused on winter. "They're learning how to driving in these conditions and gaining confidence," said Rick Roso, Lime Rock's PR director. "It's a clinic teaching how to use your eyes, your hands, and your feet and to stay safe."

Managing to keep her Jaguar stable in the snow, slush, and ice-covered blacktop, Carolyn Fougere, from Stamford, said "The biggest thing I figured out was if you need to look to where you want to go, not where you don't want to go -- it sounds easy but it's harder than you think."

Travis Washay, a pro racer and Lime Rock instructor said, "This is a reality school and this is a reality check for some people to see how they will drive in these conditions." Roso added, "We want to make sure the snow doesn't control you, you control the snow."

Like ski areas, Lime Rock has snow guns on premises, they just need temperatures to cooperate. The Winter Driving School and Snow and Ice Driving Clinics are sponsored by  To find out more click here.