Drought conditions improving, but still a concern around state

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RIVERTON — The Farmington River continues to be at lower water levels due to drought conditions plaguing northwestern Connecticut.

According to Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the U.S. Geological Survey, a drought watch is still in effect for the northwestern part of the state.

Water levels are approximately 25% below where they should be around this time of year.

Recent snowfall and snowpack upstream have helped ease drought conditions around the state but scientists say the threat of extreme conditions, as seen last summer, is still possible.

“It’s improved since we spoke to you guys at the end of last summer,” said Torrey Collins, a Manager at Upcountry Sport Fishing in New Hartford. “We’ve still averaged a lower flow on the river than we normally would. It varies from day to day, week to week.”

Scientists say they're going to monitor water levels as the state enters spring and summer.