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2,000 turn out in West Hartford for Sen. Murphy town hall meeting

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WEST HARTFORD -- Around 2,000 people packed West Hartford Town Hall for a public meeting with Sen. Chris Murphy Tuesday night.

Crowds packed the auditorium starting more than an hour before the event was scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. Some were sent to an overflow room to watch on closed circuit video. Even more were outside, not able to enter the building.

West Hartford officials said the crowd totaled about 2,000 counting the main hall, the overflow room and those outside.

Murphy talked with constituents on a variety of topics and took questions from those in attendance.

One attendee asked, "What’s the general tenure in Congress? Are there Republicans that are concerned about the threats on those pillars of democracy?”

Murphy responded, “There are Republicans, friends of mine, that I talk to that are very concerned about what’s going on. It is not easy for a Republican to take on a president of their own party in the first thirty days. Don’t assume their silence today means they will be forever silent.”

"They haven’t moved to the place where I think is sufficient. But you are seeing some early signs here. I don’t want to predict that we’re all going to be kumbaya, Republicans and Democrats fighting the Trump administration on a daily basis but I think this is a very uncomfortable moment for a lot of Republicans.”

One woman in line asked about women’s health issues, and President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. “Will you help us ensure that any nominee to the supreme court commits to upholding my reproductive rights?”

“If he’s going to bring his politics to the bench then he’s not going to get my support. And what I’ve read about Judge Gorsuch that he’s ordering his judicial philosophy in a way that would allow him and others to bring their politics onto the bench,” said Murphy.

Topics ranged from immigration, Russia, women’s health, the affordable care act,  and political activism.

He spoke to the overflow room ahead of the main meeting. "There is no anxiety or fear or sadness that cannot be cured by political action," said Murphy. "Keep this up. There are all sorts of creative ways on a local level to demand change on a national level."

Also on Tuesday, in Norwalk over 1,000 packed an event for Rep. Jim Himes.


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