Fairfield police chief gives warning on phone scammers threat

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HARTFORD -- There have been reports of phone scams all across the state and local police departments are warning residents about fraudulent fundraising calls. Police are also warning people about IRS scams and threatening phone calls demanding money.

Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara spoke to Good Day Connecticut Wednesday about some of these scams.

He released a 911 call of a woman, who wasn’t identified for privacy reasons, calling a dispatcher to say her husband was headed to the store to buy $3,000 worth of iTunes gift cards to a person who had hacked his computer. The dispatcher promptly dispatched police to the store to stop the man from participating in the scam. Police say any person demanding money in the form of gift cards is trying to scam you.

The IRS is also warning people about fraudulent calls demanding money. It says it is working to help taxpayers understand their rights and what is expected of them in light of IRS impersonators demanding payment immediately. This is especially important in the coming months. The IRS will be employing private collection agencies this spring to help with tax collection. The IRS says those private agencies will not ask for payment on a prepaid debit card.  Chief Gary MacNamara says it’s one more thing people will need to be aware of.