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Hartford businesses push lawmakers to support paid family and medical leave

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HARTFORD —  Hartford businesses and local residents are urging legislators to pass a bill aimed at extending paid family leave and paid medical leave.

The proposal would allow up to 12 weeks off for people in the event of an illness, injury, arrival of a new or adopted child, all while still receiving pay.

Connecticut Working Families Party State Director, Lindsey Farrell

Connecticut Working Families Party State Director, Lindsey Farrell

Advocates said it’s imperative for Connecticut families who have been forced to make tough decisions.

Connecticut Working Families Party State Director, Lindsey Farrell, said the proposal would give the people the proper amount of time off to handle their situation instead of having to choose between their job or family.

“It would allow people to take that crucial time off so that they’re not having to choose between their job, their income and their family needs when something like this happens,” said Farrell.

A new study from Harvard University finds 38 percent of millennial workers stating they would move not just to another state, but another country in order to find better family and medical leave.

If passed, Connecticut will become the seventh state to have paid family and medical leave. Other states providing paid family and medical leave include: California, Washington, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.

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