North Branford business helps athletes break from the competition

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NORTH BRANFORD -- Athletes in every sport are always searching for ways to gain an edge on their competition and Breakout Athlete in North Branford is helping them reach their goals.

Owner and head trainer Frank Quido uses many techniques to improve speed and agility for every athlete.

Whether it is resistance exercises or weights, BOA trains for speed, strength and explosiveness.

"We concentrate on getting our athletes noticed," said Quido. "In the competitive world of sports, being one step ahead is crucial to being successful."

The 5,000 square foot facility has the most up-to-date equipment for its athletes to use. From Keiser, to the Tred Sled and Vertimax machines, it's all about performance.

"The goal is to have our training transfer to the court, field and ice," said Quido.

BOA isn't just for athletes at peak levels, there are people of all different ages and abilities that workout in the facility but there is one common thread, and that is to "Train for Something Bigger."