Racial slur painted on interracial couple’s garage has been painted over months later

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STAMFORD — An interracial Stamford couple who refused to remove a racial slur painted on their garage door in January, had awakened today to find someone else had done it for them.

According to the Stamford Advocate, someone painted over the slur overnight.

Heather Lindsay, who is white, and Lexene Charles, who is black, originally found the “n-word” spray painted on their garage door over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

Lindsay said their home has been vandalized multiple times.

She said Stamford authorities had failed to properly investigate the incident so in response, she refused to remove the slur until they (City of Stamford) did. The City of Stamford issued a citation at the time which carried a $100 daily fine.

Today, the City of Stamford has offered to replace the couple’s garage door.