Nintendo Switch hit stores at midnight; fans braved the cold to line up

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HARTFORD --  Nintendo switch is the company's newest console, giving you a chance to game at home and on the go, all with the same device.

You can dock it to play on your television, pop it out and play on the go. This new device, starting at $300, hit the stores at midnight. The console does not come with a game, you can purchase games for $60.

The system has a 6.2 inch screen with detachable "Joy-Con" controllers that shake so you can feel the game as you play. According to Nintendo, you can also use two Joy‑Con controllers to play face-to-face, or jump online for a four on four match.

There will be two types of systems, one that comes with contrast gray Joy-Con controllers, where the other has blue and red Joy-Con controllers.

FOX61 stopped by Best Buy in Newington and found people braving the cold to line up hoping to get their hands on the new device.