CT Audubon Society seeks volunteers to join the osprey count

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MILFORD -- The Connecticut Audubon Society is getting ready for another season and it's all about the ospreys.

It is a good problem to have, near extinction in the early 1970's, the osprey population continues to grow so the Audubon Society is seeking more volunteers to join the "Osprey Nation".

The Osprey Nation is a group of around 250 volunteers from around the state who monitor nests and try to determine how many young are produced by the exotic raptors. "Osprey Nation is one of the largest citizen science projects in Connecticut," said Miley Bull, the Senior Director of the science and conservation at the Audubon Society. "The ospreys are just beginning to return so this is the time of year."

Bull said only about half of the 600 osprey nests are monitored by volunteers statewide. "Everyone seems to love ospreys," he said. "You get out a few times a month, take a look at the nests, see what the birds are doing, send a report form, that's all we're asking people to do."

The Connecticut Audubon Society is trying to attract 100 more volunteers to join the Osprey Nation, to find out more click here.