2nd Bulkeley football coach fired, 2 administrators disciplined after review of bullying case

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Pablo Ortiz Credit: Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant

HARTFORD — Four people were disciplined in the fallout after failing to report a bullying case in a timely manner.

Pablo Ortiz, the football coach for Buckeley High School, was relieved of his coaching duties on January 27. Ortiz is under investigation by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), according to both the Hartford acting superintendent and DCF. Glenn Corlett was relieved of his coaching duties on February 13.

According to letters of discipline released by the Hartford Board of Education, Donald Slater, district administrator, was informed by email of an incident where a student may have been “mentally bullied” and “jacked up and thrown to the ground” by an athletic coach on January 9. Slater told officials he had not read the email, but forwarded it to a colleague, deleted it and did not report the incident as required until two weeks after receipt on January 25.

Officials said Bulkeley High School Principal Gayle Allen-Greene did not report an incident of suspected abuse to the Department of Children and Services after “a student was grabbed and thrown to the ground by an athletic coach.”  Officials said she did not take any follow-up action after reports of dysfunction in the Bulkeley High football program.

On March 1, Slater and Allen-Greene were notified that they would be suspended without pay for one day.

Ortiz and Corlett will no longer be able to coach athletic teams.