Connecticut female-owned businesses feel support on International Women’s Day

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HARTFORD – Connecticut women are showing their support for a big international movement through small steps of their own.

This year on International Women’s Day, some are also participating in a strike called “A Day Without a Woman.”

Women who could afford to do so were encouraged to strike from both, paid and unpaid work.

A group of three coworkers didn’t feel right staying home on International Women’s Day.

“We work for an employer that’s very supportive of women and our contributions and bailing on them just didn’t seem like the right thing to do,” said Laurie Rogerson of Ellington.

Instead, they sought out a lunch spot owned by a woman.

“Putting your money where your mouth is and getting out there, it feels like doing a little bit more than not going to work,” said Rogerson.

“It’s action versus inaction,” said Courtney Allen of Manchester who joined Rogerson for lunch.

They landed at the Spicy Green Bean in Glastonbury, which is owned by Chef Kathy Denisiewicz. Several other women visited the restaurant during the lunch rush for the same reason.

“It’s very overwhelming and very touching and seriously, I think we’re all rock stars. We just got to keep on moving and show the power that we actually have,” said Denisiewicz, who started the business 19 years ago.

She has worked to support other women in her career as well, including showcasing women artists at her restaurant and hiring women.

She said, “We’re just following the pioneers before us and we’re just going to keep on moving.”

At Hartford Prints, a shop owned by three sisters, they’re also in the business of supporting women.

“There are people, women, doing really hard work that needs to be embraced and supported in a big way,” said co-owner Rory Gale.

She said, “As women, as business owners, it’s important for us to use our voice in a really positive direction.”

The shop said it goes beyond International Women’s Day. They participated in and created merchandise for the Women’s March back in January and they’re currently backing a bill for paid family and medical leave in the state.