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Malloy, ACLU blasts President Trump’s new travel ban

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HARTFORD --  Governor Dannel Malloy came out swinging Wednesday morning against President Donald Trump's second version of an executive order banning refugees and citizens, this time from six Muslim majority nations.

"They didn't do their homework. They got caught at not doing their homework. They then spent weeks redrafting this document during which time, to the best of our knowledge, they've done nothing to actually tighten procedures," said Malloy.

CAIR's Executive Director, Mongi Dhaouadi, added "I think it's going to continue to have and set the tone for an Islamophobic agenda that this administration is bent to push on the American people."

Although Connecticut doesn't have the travel volume other major cities experience like Boston or New York, the issue still hits home — especially for students. UConn and CCSU have issued advisories to foreign students warning them not to exit the country.

Yale senior, Abrar Omeish, whose family is from Libya, has concerns.

"The strength and the amazing nature of these communities is not understood and not experienced because we have to be talking about these larger political issues."

Omeish added, "Graduation is coming up, I'm a senior, a lot of my friends who are Muslim are worried their parents won't be let in or will be harassed at the airport."

Supporters of the ban said it's only temporary and in the name of national security.

The second version being designed to reduce the chaos the first one created at ports of entry around the country and sparking widespread protests.

"We do need to have scrutiny of those who come to visit in our country, we need to know how long they stay and when they go back home," said Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.).

But those against this order said the first one was defeated in the courts — and vow to do it again.

Executive Director of ACLU, David McGuire, said they are doing all they can to protest this ban due to numerous issues.

"The ACLU is continuing to challenge this ban. We do think it has the same constitutional flaws as the original ban."

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