Tolls, transportation funding ‘will be dealt with this year’

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HARTFORD -- House Democratic leadership said Wednesday morning that they recognize the state's transportation funding structure is unsustainable and something must be changed.

"We recognize that the transportation fund is going to face some real problems in the future," said Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, Democratic Speaker of the House. "It's a problem that we have to deal with this year."

Tolls have been a contentious issue for several years, proponents arguing the revenue would go back into state transportation projects. Opponents argue people living along CT border towns would be disproportionately tolled since they were more likely to cross over state lines more frequently.

Democratic leadership said, if enacted, tolls would be spread out throughout the state.

"Don't just stick them on the border towns, that`s the concern it`s going to go to Danbury, Enfield and Stamford," said State Rep. Matthew Ritter, Democratic House Majority Leader. "They have to be spread out throughout the entire state of Connecticut."

A public hearing on tolls was held in late February. No word on when a bill would make it to the voting stage.