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Police warn of ‘concentrated marijuana’ in Suffield schools

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SUFFIELD -- Police are warning that concentrated marijuana, also called BHO, honey, oil, wax or dab, is a growing trend in Suffield.

Police are concerned because they said it is popping up in the town's schools.

Police said it is made of THC extracted from marijuana, often using a cheap solvent such as butane, carbon dioxide, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol.

The concentrate is then condensed into other forms that can be swallowed or inhaled, with significantly higher levels of THC, which amplifies the effects of smoking the marijuana.

Another concern they have is that this unusual-looking substance isn't clearly recognizable to parents, teacher and cops, making it harder to tell if there is a drug problem.

"It's new to us. It's new to most of the officers here and we want to make sure the community knows about it, so that parents, educators and other adults can keep an eye out for these things and try to stop it before it becomes a bigger problem," said Suffield Police Captain Christopher McKee.

On Wednesday, Suffield Police charged two young men with possession of “dab” marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia during a joint investigation with the Suffield Public School District.

'It came to the attention of the school administration that some students were involved in some type of drug activity," said Capt. McKee.

The school resource officer got the police department's K9 team to respond to the school where some dabs were found.

Police said it's the latest in 5 seizures of “dabs” that the Suffield Police have made in the community during the past month.

Suffield Public Schools Superintendent Karen Berasi sent the following statement to FOX61 in response to the investigation:

The Suffield Public Schools continue to be vigilant in our elimination of the possession or use of illegal substances on school grounds and strive to maintain a safe learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors by promoting school buildings and grounds that are free from illegal substances and contraband. Foremost, our school community continues to build a school climate that promotes respectful and healthy relationships.This results in students coming forward to administrators, teachers, and our school resource officer when they are concerned about the health and risky behavior of other students.

Additionally, the Suffield Public Schools has formed a relationship with the Suffield Police Department. We have an outstanding school resource officer who forms relationships with students and families to educate students on the dangers of risky behaviors and serves as a resource to families.In collaboration with the police, periodic K-9 sweeps are conducted by the Suffield Police Department to deter the possession of illegal substances on school grounds.  Lastly, we are collaborating with the Suffield Local Prevention Council (SLPC) and are promoting a presentation by the SLPC to be held on March 30 at 7:00pm at Suffield Middle School.  We encourage all families to attend including interested families outside of Suffield.

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