Madison teens provide their own ride share program

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Story by Liam Bennet

MADISON -- "It doesn't matter the circumstances, we just want everyone to get home safely."

That's the mission of Safe Rides in Madison.

It may not seem like lives are being saved, but at any moment the phone could ring and these teens could be called into action.

"Safe Rides is a student run program that provides safe rides to the students of Madison. Sometimes people are out babysitting or out working past curfew, and they need a ride home, and they can call safe rides. Obviously if people are drinking and they don't want to drive home drunk, we give them the option to call Safe Rides and get a safe ride home," said Derek Cornwell, Director of Safe Rides.

It's simple as calling the Safe Rides number 203-633-0250 or Tweeting @madsaferides

Not just the kids who are calling in who are getting excited about it.

Matt Parker is a senior at Daniel Hand High. He likes getting together with friends, watching movies. "While it's great to socialize, it's great to help people and potentially saving a life."


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