Cold weather creates issues for Ansonia firefighters

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ANSONIA -- The below freezing temperatures are creating issues for firefighters in Ansonia.

In 24 hours, the city has seen four different structure fires.

Ansonia's Fire Chief, Edward Adimowski, said fighting fires in the extreme cold can add extra dangers to the job.

"You have a lot of things against you. Obviously you're spraying water so you have the ice. And the danger for the firemen of slipping and falling and the ladders freeze," said Adimowski.

The dangers don't end at the burning building either. The water on the ground creates a slipping hazard for emergency responders.

Adimowski said his crew uses speedy dry for such situations.

"It's just like cat litter basically, when you pick up oil with it or something like that, just to give us some traction," said Adimowski.