Shoppers in Manchester are getting ready for Tuesday’s big storm

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MANCHESTER -- It's the middle of March and people are at the grocery stores getting ready for the upcoming snowstorm.

Highland Park Market in Manchester saw long lines and shoppers eager to get the basics before the storm.

"Bananas, apples, bagels, some milk, definitely a lot of milk," said one shopper.

Hope Ludlow is a cashier at the store and said long lines are typical days before a big storm.

"Yeah, it`s been pretty crazy today. But you know we're doing our best to get people in and out and get ready for the storm," said Ludlow.

People are also grabbing whatever they can at hardware stores in order to make sure their homes are ready for the snowfall.

"Sleds and boards and all kinds of fun things for them, ice melt, scrapers, windshield fluid," said Kim Mandell a worker at Katz Hardware.

Mandell also said people were buying a lot of paint. The extra time inside during the snowstorm will give people a lot of time for interior projects.

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