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Snow preparations ramp up ahead of Tuesday’s snowstorm

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WEST HARTFORD --  Grocery stores and gas stations have been busy ahead of Tuesday's major snowstorm.

"I knew I better get here early today so the shelves aren't totally cleared out," said West Hartford mom Janet Macdermott, who was stocking up at Big Y in West Hartford on Monday morning. "I'm going to stop at the art supply section to see if I can find a few things to entertain [my kids], but I did just need the basics, maybe some cookies. We'll bake some cookies while we're home."

West Hartford resident Joan Bonetti bought the basics, as well as corned beef for St. Patrick's Day and some flowers.

"It makes me feel like spring," said Bonetti. "Makes me feel good when I look at them."

Big Y cashier, Kisha Hutchens, said lines have been long, with customers stocking up on items like, milk, water and paper towels.

Across the street at the Mobile gas station, plow truck drivers for Donnellan and Sons Landscaping, were filling up a plow truck.

"Today we're just getting prepped, prepping all our equipment, have everything ready for the storm," said Francisco Colon. "It's a long storm and we've got to get ready for it."

Colon said he expects to be in work at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning and work until about 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Other drivers were also filling up their cars.

"I already got the emergency supplies, went grocery shopping, got some fuel for the grill just in case," said Courtland Moses. "I don't think we'll lose power, but you never know."

Total Wine in West Hartford was also seeing a spike in sales on Monday.

"Definitely been busy for a Monday," said manager Ryan Tavenor. "We have Trader Joe's in our [parking] lot, and I think a lot of people are filling their dinner plans and then stopping over here for some wine or some beer."

Customer Maggie Hughes was doing just that. "[I] went to Trader Joe's before here and got the staples that everyone needs, like milk and bread, and then obviously getting some wine for the evening and getting through tomorrow," said Hughes.

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