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HARTFORD --  On Wednesday morning, Hartford residents seemed to have mixed reviews about the city's snow cleanup efforts.

Some residents said they noticed a marked difference Wednesday morning at the Hartford/West Hartford border.

"If you cross the West Hartford line, when you get there, the streets are plowed down to the black tar pavement. When we're in Hartford, we're still coming over chunks and chunks of snow that's just been run over," said Hartford resident Princess Jude Essue.

"I'm actually at the West Hartford/Hartford borderline, so on the West Hartford side it's kind of cleaned up a bit more than on this side," said Hartford resident Luis Fernandez.

"West Hartford is cleaner than Hartford right now," said Hartford resident Kasandra Camacho.

Others saw major improvements.

"I think they did a better job considerably than the last time," said Hartford resident Nick Lebron. "We had a snow storm about three to four years ago and we were stuck in the house for two days as a result because the streets weren't plowed at all."

"It's a lot better than the last few storms," said Hartford resident Luis Cruz.

Vernon Matthews, Hartford's Snow Commander of Operations, attributes any differences between towns to just a matter of timing.

"You can't really pinpoint or judge," said Matthews. "They may have done it at 2 a.m. and we started at 5 a.m."

Matthews said his crews have been out nonstop, first treating the roads and then plowing them several times until they're clear from curb to curb.

"We are out there consistently, staff going continuously," said Matthews. "And our job is to keep the City of Hartford moving and functioning."

"There was a lot of snow to move," said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin. "And I drove around the city last night and early this morning, and I'm very proud of the work that they did."

Matthews said from Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. until Wednesday around noontime, the city removed 2.4 million cubic yards of snow from city streets.

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