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Several Milford beach communities cleaning up storm related damages again

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MILFORD --  Homeowners along Bayview Beach in Milford are breathing a sigh of relief.

After already having to rebuild following Super Storm Sandy, many were nervous about what the combination of lunar tides and high winds would do to their neighborhood.

Chris Saley, Milford's Director of Public Works, said yesterday's storm had so much force, that an entire sand Burma was pushed into the street by the pounding surf during high tide Tuesday afternoon.

As folks in the Bayview Beach neighborhood were dealing with minor flooding in their homes, the owners of several cars, submerged in water, had larger issues.

"We have a lot of renters around here so some don't get the memo to move their cars and some were lost yesterday," said Kristen Luzzi, a resident of the neighborhood for 17 years.

One of those renters, about which she spoke, had an SUV that was not only partially submerged, It burned!

"I was waiting for the tide to recede and about ready to move the vehicle and I think there was an electrical shortout out or something with the water. Up it went in flames," said Michael Dempsey, the owner of the torched Toyota, which she said had over 300,000 miles on it

Residents say the water rose quickly, just ahead of yesterday's 1:24 P.M. high tide.

The drains were full," said Luzzi. "So, there really was nowhere for the water to go."

The topography of this neighborhood is bowl or bathtub shaped, which contributed to water taking approximately about 12 hours to recede, which caused there to be a potpourri items floating through the streets.

"There were icebergs, a coffee table, a couple of shoes and patio cushions," said Lizzi.

But, Bayview Beach residents make the best of it and often stage their own little lost and found following storms.

"So, we just put out all the items and hope somebody comes by and claims them." Luzzi said.

Milford has invested in a pump station storm resiliency program for the Bayview Beach. But, given the strength of this storm, the Chris Saley, the city's Director of Public Works, says the new system would not have made much of a difference.

"I would say it was probably one of the top 10 storms, in regards to flooding, especially Bayview, Point Beach and down in Cedar Beach," said Saley.

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