SHARE61: What do you have 61 of in your house?

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HARTFORD — Let’s face it: Snow days can be really fun but if the kids get too stir crazy, it can also be really stressful.

Here’s one way to help keep them busy for a bit: Count to 61! We want to know what do you have 61 of in your house? Count out 61 things and send us your videos or pictures. You can email us at or use the hashtag #Share61 on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Here are some of your submissions:

Anna from Marlborough blew us all away when she recited 61 digits of Pi in honor of Pi Day.

Sarah C. from Bolton counted out 61 mismatching socks.

Ron C. from New Haven showed off his 61 Big 4 " Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax guitar picks.

Parker and Allie in Vernon found 61 Shopkins.

Brenda K sounded out 61 Cupcake brand wine corks. Somebody had a great snow day!

Rita from Bristol counted out 61 candies.

Melissa Z showed off 61 cloth diapers.

Lisa F had a very productive snow day. She transferred all of her kids' videos from tapes to DVDs and counted out 61 of them.

Keller counted 61 dominoes!

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