Oxford ice cream shop opens for season 2 days after blizzard

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OXFORD – Snow and ice still covers the outside of Rich Farm in Oxford, but inside, the only kind of ice they’re concerned about, is ice cream.

Thursday was the farm’s scheduled opening day for its ice cream shop’s 23rd season. That plan was made long before the snowy forecast. But despite the blizzard, they began churning out homemade ice cream five days ago and announced on Facebook Wednesday, they would open as planned.

“They had posted on Facebook a short time ago that they were going to be open this week and we planned on coming,” said Phil Ercoli of Watertown who calls Rich Farm the “best ice cream in the state.”

He said, “With the blizzard, hopefully they’re still open and they posted yesterday they were, so here we are.”

Krystle Benedetto of Oxford, came on opening day last year too, which was a few weeks earlier with a lot warmer weather.

“It was nice out. It was like 65 degrees out or something,” Benedetto said.

But she added, “We’ll eat it anytime.”

Now that the shop is open for the season, they will be making homemade ice cream every day. They typically close the day before Christmas Eve.