Fairfield PD: Elderly man victimized by ‘grandchild in jail’ scam

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FAIRFIELD —  Police are investigating a scamming incident involving an 85-year-old man who sent over $1,500 to a man in New Jersey.

On March 17, Fairfield Police said they received a call from an elderly man stating he was scammed. The victim said he received a phone call from a man who claimed he was his grandson and he was in jail for manslaughter.

The suspect told the victim he needed money and had asked him to wire it to him. Officers said the victim sent a total of $1,795 to the suspect who told him “not to tell mom and dad.”

The victim told police he has a difficulty hearing.

Police said they are handing several of these types of scamming incidents.

Banks are aware of the scam and are a final defense for the elderly making suspicious withdraws, often asking what the money is being used for and cautioning their customers about scams that take advantage of the elderly.

This incident remains under investigation.

East Lyme police warned residents that scammers were pretending to call from the U.S. Marshal Service stating the person missed a jury date and they could “handle it another way.”