‘Superload’ moves through New Hartford heading to Oxford

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NEW HARTFORD -- A slow-moving spectacle is making its way through Litchfield County.

A 30-vehicle convoy is bringing the second of six large turbines to a power plant currently under construction in Oxford. The turbine itself is being carried on a massive truck operated by J. Supor and Son out of New Jersey.

According to the town of New Hartford, it's roughly 200 feet in length with 34 axles and weighs around 1.5 million pounds.

The "superload" was parked along busy Route 44 at Collinsville Antiques in New Hartford Tuesday. Many people decided to stop and take a closer look.

"I just came out for a little walk to get a little fresh air and I noticed it. I saw the front end and it just kept going and going and going. And I stopped to look at it, after counting it's got 224 wheels on it. It's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this," said Brian Zelasko.

The Town of New Hartford alerted residents to be on the look-out for a "superload" with numerous support vehicles transporting and accompanying the turbine.

Around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, the load moved from New Hartford to Torrington on Route 44 and Route 8. The town said there would be detours to direct traffic around the convoy. State Police were on scene to facilitate that and escort the convoy vehicles.

Once on the road, the "superload" can move as slowly as 3 mph, so it's only traveling at night during short periods of time.

New Hartford residents lined Route 44 to watch for the convoy and took photos as it passed.

"It's huge. It's monstrous and it takes a whole village just to move it, so it's like a parade. It's like we're going to have our own little private parade," said Valerie Wentworth, who also watched the first "superload" as it went through town earlier this month.

The city of Torrington alerted residents the "superload" would be exiting Route 8 and entering the city Tuesday night. It will be stationed at the Burrville Firehouse on Winsted Road during the early morning hours and will be moving again Wednesday night.