North Branford residents turn out to discuss merits of merging emergency dispatch centers

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NORTH BRANFORD — Dispatchers on the shoreline are sounding the alarm about a plan to shut down their call center.

North Branford is looking to outsource its 911 center to Branford.

It’s either that or hire more dispatchers and invest in their current location.

The town held a special meeting Thursday to address concerns brought up by town hall employees.

Police leaders in North Branford question the merits of closing their dispatch center.

“I want to make sure whatever we do for our community and our residents and our parents and our kids and a lot of us here that it’s the right thing. I think we morally have a responsibility for the safety and I think we have a fiscal responsibility,” said David Palumbo, the chairman of the North Branford Police Commission.

If North Branford and Branford were to combine their dispatch operations, they would be eligible for state grants.