Dozens shave their heads in North Branford fundraising event

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NORTH BRANFORD -- Close to 100 volunteers packed the Jerome Harrison Elementary School gymnasium for a head shaving event.

For the third year in a row, the school is raising money for the St. Baldrick Foundation, a foundation that helps fight childhood cancer.

"You just feel good doing it. you really do," said Vernon Stoup, a North Branford resident.

Nicholas Grant, however, is no stranger to fundraising.

"I'm happy for myself for doing this," said Grant.

With the help of his family, he's been raising money for facial palsy his whole life, a condition he was born with.

"You're born without a nerve in your face," said Grant. "You have to go through several surgeries to get it ready and get your smile back."

He knows how hard it is to go through school looking different than others.

"Certain kids used to make fun of me because of my smile. So now I feel bad for the kids with cancer," said Grant.

So when he heard about the head shaving event, he wanted to put his fundraising on hold in order to help others.

"I am shaving my head bald to make the kids who have cancer feel better about themselves so they don't get bullied," said Grant.

All barbers who participated are from local salons around the North Branford area.

Organizers said the fundraiser raised close to $30,000 all before the event started.