101-year-old resident attends borough’s centennial party

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Credit: Getty Images

DUPONT, Pa. — A 101-year-old woman was on hand to celebrate the centennial of the Pennsylvania borough where she has always lived.

Margaret Milewski lived in what’s now Dupont — about 10 miles southwest of Scranton — since before it was officially incorporated. She received a key to the borough at Saturday’s celebration at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Milewski says, “I guess they had to honor somebody, and they figured they couldn’t find anybody older.”

Bob Price, of the Dupont Progress Committee says it was amazing to find someone who has live in the borough for its entire history. Its population is about 2,700.

Milewski says, “When you’re in the town and you’re here all your life, there’s a change … You don’t know your neighbors anymore.”